So the Gin Guide Finalists were announced yesterday! Absolutely, I should have shared this post yesterday, but I am currently wading through correlating the judges feedback into documents to send to the distillers so let me be honest and say the moment passed!

I love working with Paul on the Gin Guide Awards. It is a massive undertaking from him to organise, including everything from organising entrants, to receiving the entries and bottling them all up to go to judges, to all the posts you see on the site and social media. I’ve taken a little weight off him on the admin side…but he does an incredible amount of work on this every year. Let me tell you, the man deserves an award himself for what he’s managed to achieve with this fantastic event.

Also award worthy are our judges. This year we had more than ever and with a wider range of backgrounds, with the aim of giving a more in depth response to each entry, be it gin sample categories, or our Design and Branding, and Environmental and Sustainability categories. Thank you for time, and providing such detailed feedback and scoring.

So, here we are, and if you’ve not yet seen the list then go check it out, there are some great names on there!

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