This last month has been crazy busy! Not least for judging at IWSC for the last couple of weeks.

However another project I’ve been working on is the website for the Craft Distilling Expo.

I work for the Craft Distilling Expo, who arrange a conference for distillers every year at the Truman Brewery in London. Lockdowns pushed out Oct 20 event online and we rose to the challenge, recording several talks and panel discussions with industry people to watch, and then to follow up on the day with live discussions where viewers can send in questions.

The event proved popular. For what it lacked in the in person niceties and the opportunity to network, as well as supplier exhibition, it made up with being able to deliver our talks to all over the world. As a result we decided to keep both a live in person event, as well as an online one each year.

April is approaching and with that this years online event. You can find more info on that here.

And in October we’ll have our next in person event.

The website had previously been used to deliver info for upcoming events, but I could see much more potential than that. So I took it on, revamped and redesigned it, to create a distillers hub where we can share videos, articles and related content, as well as info on our events. It’s very much a work in progress in it’s early days, and we’re having a few server issues that I’m trying to resolve with the hosting company, but other than that I think we’re onto a really good thing.

I strongly urge you to check it out here. It’s not just for distillers. The information I have learned has been invaluable to me as a spirits writer, and as a spirits appreciator. As if they weren’t interesting enough, the experience becomes so much more when you begin to understand the ins and outs of how things are made.

Anyway, the point is, I’ve been focused on that and not much has happened on my site recently, so I’m sorry for that! However, it is all for good purpose.

My site should see a much needed bit of love and input in the coming weeks as I’ll be heading out to San Francisco for the ADI International Spirits Competition. It’s an interesting year as I’ll be in the backroom organising all the gins, which is a different perspective from my usual one as a judge. Very excited to get in there and see how it all works, and of course I’ll be keen to share some of that with you, along with some travel diary type entries. So keep your eyes peeled!

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