Whilst I used to write for free, and will continue to contribute freely on what I seek out and choose to write on, I have recently implemented a reasonable price list for commissions.

I earned an MA in Creative Writing by studying the craft. I love bringing brand stories to life, creating pieces to be read with them same enthusiasm as a good book. And, I bring years of industry and product knowledge into my work, so when I write on a spirit, I can understand and convey technical detail in a way the reader will appreciate.

I’d love to discuss ideas. Maybe an in depth article, with links to your site? Maybe a guest piece for your website? I’m keen to look at Insta collabs, I can consult on recipes and branding too.

For me, it’s all about connecting a reader to a spirit, person and place in the way the customer connects when you meet them face to face at an event. This is what I do best.

You can find all details and pricing in this downloadable media kit. Feel free to reach out via contact info on there, or my get in touch page.