Jo of Rock Rose contact me recently to share the news that Rock Rose are launching an Autumn 2021 edition on the 1st September. The press Release details are shared below.

Also, a little birdy tells me there might be a little something special happening on here with Rock Rose in the near future, so watch this space 😉

Rock Rose Gin Autumn Edition is launching on 1 September 2021. Made by Dunnet Bay Distillers, this vintage gin is made using the traditional Rock Rose botanicals, delivering seasonal flair with the addition of locally harvested blackberries, raspberries and blaeberries and some of the other botanicals from the distillery’s own gardens. All these ingredients are grown in Caithness, the area where the distillery is based on the far north coast of Scotland.

The botanical basket for this gin contains nasturtium flowers, harvested from the distillery’s own biodome, to add a peppery note to the spirit. If you have nasturtium flowers to hand these vibrant blooms also make a perfect garnish for a Perfect Serve G&T using this gin. An alternative garnish is a basil leaf, to complement the berry notes.

The spicy notes in the Autumn Edition are derived not from a spice but from a herb: Vietnamese Coriander, also home-grown by the distillery’s own Head Gardener.

Rock Rose Gin Autumn Edition is a 41.5%ABV spirit priced at £37.50 for a 70cl bottle or £30 for a fully recyclable refill pouch which you can simply return to the company when empty for a sustainable way to enjoy this fine spirit. 

Delicious alone or mixed as a G&T or a cocktail, the Autumn Edition is also delicious with the addition of Rock Rose Liquid Garnish in the Blaeberry and Basil variant. Price just £12.

Gardeners will appreciate the Rock Rose Autumn Green Thumb cocktail – a seasonal twist on a classic gimlet (pictured).


50mls Rock Rose Autumn Edition

25mls lemon juice

25mls sugar syrup

5 large nasturtium leaves

Garnish: a nasturtium flower


Tear the nasturtium leaves into a cocktail shaker and muddle well to release the flavours. Add the liquid ingredients, fill the shaker with ice and shake well. Strain through a fine strainer into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with the nasturtium flower.


If you have nasturtium leaves and flowers left over, used them in a salad. Like the cocktail, it will taste as good as it looks.

See the ‘how to’ video for this cocktail here…

Refill Rewards Club

If you would welcome a sustainable way to enjoy this and other fine Rock Rose Gins on a regular basis, ‘go green’ and join the Refill Rewards Club, a sustainable subscription service. Your gin arrives in Dunnet Bay Distillers’ unique, recyclable pouches plus receive a host of extra treats every time your hamper arrives and all for £30 a time.

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