Further to my previous blog Tell me, what’s your flavour?, my good friend Lewys Pharoah at Gin and Olive has spent a great deal of time going through the our gins and has compiled a list of gins in their flavour brackets. He’s separated sloe gins and extra strength but kept the liqueurs in their relevant flavour category. There is also one red herring non-gin in the list. Can you spot it?

Now it’s safe to say with the ever changing gin world there’ll be changes made. Of course new gins will be added and over hazy late night debate some categories could be changed. Still, I think it only fair to keep all gins on the list, even when out of production. This a brilliant reference for anyone starting down the gin road and in time could prove a very fruitful document.

Any suggestions, please get in touch!

Cream gin
Haymans Old Tom
Tanqueray Old Tom
Gabriel Boudier Saffron
Warner Edwards Rhubarb
Spencerfield Raspberry – liqueur

Deaths Door
Gin Mare
Martin Miller Original
Boys Genever
Twisted Nose

Cold River
Spencerfield Edinburgh
Monkey 47

Tanqueray Ten
No 209
Hammer & Son Old Pot (sweet)
Caorunn (floral)
Whitney Neill
Blackdown Sussex (dry)
Bombay Sapphire
Spencerfield Orange – liqueur

The Botanist
William Chase
Square One Botanical
Fords 86
London No.1 Blue
Bloom London
Beefeater 24
Spencerfield Elderflower – liqueur

Haymans London Dry
Tanqueray (import and export strength)
London Dry No.3
Moonshine Kid Dogs Nose
Fifty Pounds
Sipsmith London
Warner Edwards Harrington Dry
Geranium London
Portobello Road No.171
Plymouth Gin
Bombay Original

Juniper Driven
Sipsmith VJOP
Martin Miller Westbourne Strength

Extra Strength
Plymouth Navy Strength
Royal Dock

Haymans Sloe
Warner Edwards Harrington sloe
Sipsmith Sloe
William Chase Sloe

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