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What’s coming up

One of the main perks of my job are the wonderful people I get to meet through gin training. With permission I’m writing up small pieces on each and I … Read More

Gin 101 – Production

Let’s start with the basics. What is gin? How is it made? Gin starts life as a vodka. The definition of vodka is a spirit distilled to 96% or more … Read More

A fantastical history of gin

Have you ever heard of the term dutch courage? Well a little birdy suggests it comes from gin. Gin, or genever in its original form, was being used for medicinal … Read More

A Gintroduction

4 weeks ago, I drank Bombay Sapphire. Then my life changed entirely. Having been chained to a desk in a monotonous customer service job, I received confirmation I was starting … Read More

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