As most of you will know by now, Gin Festival Ltd went into administration on 5th July 2018.

I’ve kept relatively quiet on the subject, in a similar sense it’s hard to talk of a person recently lost, it feels very much like someone special has gone for good.

As someone who worked for them as a Brand Ambassador for Tinker Gin from April 17 – April 18, I was blessed to be a part of the GF events team, a glorious machine and the best team I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of. They were incredible. As I mentioned in a response to a post earlier today, they made magic happen. The sterling professionalism in the face of all sorts of adversities in unloading two arctic lorries at 7am and setting up and entire festival to be ready for 5pm is a skill. Being able to have fun while we did it, rock through 3 x 14 hour days with the customers then take it all down after a double session is an art. I’m aware there are many questions floating around on how or why an event of such magnitude and popularity could collapse like this and I won’t keep you keep you hanging. I didn’t work in the office and I’m not privy to the information to answer them. As the events team, you turned up, turned out and made it work.

Although I cannot help with what happened in the office, what I do know is this, with so many tickets sold currently without sign of refund, and with outstanding bills to suppliers who are understandably being rather vocal, its a big knock to the industry. The consumers confidence has taken a hit and that’s something we all need to work hard to repair. There is no issue with the industry, demand is very much there, companies just need to ensure going forward they take it slow, carefully and are reassuring, for example, selling tickets through Eventbrite, which insures customers a refund if an event is pulled. There are important lessons that can be learned here and we would be wise to take notice.

However, despite the loss, something stirs.

The events team has been split from one glorious machine, into several small groups and persons with expert knowledge of the gin industry and events. Despite the blow of very sudden redundancies, I expect to see the phoenix rising from the ashes as they step forward fully equipped to take an existing business to the next level, or to start their own.

I bring to you, Case Study A: By Ginvitation Only.


Founded by two ex-employees Dennis Glynn and Sean William, By Ginvitation Only brings the gin to you with independent gin hosting and a Brand Ambassador service. Think of throwing party at yours, or a corporate event, these guys will turn up bringing all the gin, knowledge, plus a bit of cheeky charm. Their aim is to support independent distillers and as Den says they are “Just a few good guys wanting something good to come out of all the negative stuff because that not the true spirit of GF, that’s not what we represented.”

“I came up with the concept. I approached Sean and Adam (designer for GF) and both have been instrumental in making this thing come alive.”

“Then GF folded so we decided to launch – like a Phoenix from the ashes!”

They’ve only been up and running a very short time, looking through their social media I can see menus with gins such as Robin of Locksley, Cuckoo, Turncoat and Handyman and they’re open to other gins coming on board. They’re also looking into bring premium mixers on board. If you’re interested in them showcasing any of your products then please do get in touch.


Both Den and Sean worked at GF from the beginning and having worked alongside them myself, I can confirm that their knowledge of gin and events is absolutely on point. They’re highly professional and lovely to boot. Both gin connoisseurs, Den specialises in the gin side of things whilst Sean is the cocktail maestro. It’s early days for them so please do show them some support by liking and sharing their social media, and bear them in mind to recommend to anyone who fancies having a party with two of the nicest guys in the industry.

If you’d like to have a look through some of what they’ve done so far, you can check their Instagram or for more information email them at

And they’re not the only ones, another bloom is unfolding from previous employees Adam and Joe, who a little birdy tells me, have recently set up a merchandise and apparel site called Merch Stall.

I wish Den and Sean all the luck in their new venture and have full confidence it’s going to go well. I’m also sure that it’s not the last we’re going to be hearing from those beautiful souls on the events team. Guys, please keep me updated with your gin adventures and I’ll be happy to squawk about it on here. All the love.



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