Valentines Day is nearly upon us.

Last week, to my joy, the fella arrived with a beautiful bunch of red roses. About ten minutes later he divulged that he’d got them in advance to save the impending Valentines Day red rose price hike. Clever lad.

Red roses are always a nice touch, but what if there was something a little different you could get for your lover? Something a little more, ginny? has a huge variety of drinks available and a Craft Gin Discovery club. Members receive a monthly delivery of 2 x 200ml bottles, mixer and snacks for £34.99. If any of you are interested in finding out more then you can check out their page.

So what’s that got to do with Valentines Day? Well, not much, but have also launched a new gin. Part of their ‘Gin Project’, their Honey and Raspberry liqueur is a beautiful thing. Available to order through their site, the gin comes in 2 x 50ml pouches and a card that you can personalise with a romantic message, all contained in a small box that fits through the letter box. For only £9.99 it’s a bit of a bargain and would be an excellent little surprise for a loved one.


Looks pretty good, right? It tastes pretty good too. The sweetness of the honey taking that tart edge off the raspberry. Distilled at Strathearn Distillery on Perthshire, it’s signature serve is with prosecco (a massive crowd pleaser with the ladies.) I tried this last night and it was luscious, the sweetness of the liqueur melting wonderfully into the dry bubbles to give an almost too easily drinkable flavour. I tried to savour it, but it was gone all too quickly and now I’m too scared to open the other pouch.

So, if you do have a loved one you want to surprise, or you just want to treat yourself, you can order it here. If you are kind enough to treat someone then do remind them that with two pouches, it would be rude not to share.

Just as good as red roses, if you ask me.

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