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Long time no speak! I know, I know, I owe you an explanation. What with these strange times everything has changed somewhat, but it is still decidedly busy. The job and student workload continues from home, and my gin related work is going strong as in this time of tech being the prominent communication, writing and content writing is a desirable skill. And all the while this blog has been sitting quietly in the corner, waiting patiently for a little attention. The wind is whistling lonely in the trees, a bright moon lights up little. In fact, I’m pretty sure if I were to scroll back, I’d see a similar plea to bear with me somewhen around Christmas and nearly five months in, I still need you to. I believe I expanded on what I would write about, thinking if I could share other things maybe I would share more. Apparently not. Apparently it wasn’t a lack of enthusiasm, or some sort of block in writing, it was simply a matter of time. And, seeing as my life has forever been me trying to organise a continual and never ending chaos, time management is not my strong point.

t and m judging
Judging Tequila and Mezcal for the World Drinks Awards.

There once was a time when the blog was all the gin work I had and now I’m getting involved in more projects which leaves me less time to keep up with any sort of labour of love. Now my gin life is full of so many wonderful things! I’m really involved in judging at the moment and will be compiling a page with a list as I’m starting to get to a point I’m going to forget what I’ve done. I now have regular clients that I write for and events I help organise and last night I hosted a group for a virtual gin tasting via Zoom which was great fun and a real learning curve. It’s definitely a little more tricky than when in person. I’ve woken up abuzz with ideas of what I would do differently and now I’m hoping I get an opportunity down the line to try that out. Virtual tasting could definitely become a thing. As nice as it is to meet in person, in some instances it’s more practical to get the gin to the person, rather than get the person to the gin. Strangely, despite all I am involved with, I do find myself suffering from imposter syndrome. The gin world is a rapidly expanding universe, which can be a lot to keep up with. Surfing that wave takes dedication, the energy for which can only come from a genuine love for the craft. There is always more to learn and although that’s what keeps me fascinated, it sometimes feels like I should know more than I do and I’m always hungry for that info.

gin gujide
Judging gins for the Gin Guide Awards 2020

I’m still keen to share news posts as it’s a quick job and it’s spreading the word for people so please, if you’ve got any news to share send it my way. I’ll be sharing something shortly that was sent to me recently and what in fact, prompted this post. It’s also prompted responses to other things, which I will get to post haste, along with the backlog.

Judging Liqueurs for the World Drinks Awards

I hope you’re all keeping well out there.  I hope you’re all looking after each other. I have to say, the sense of community arising from the awfulness of these trying times is a wonderful thing to see. I am feeling the space, marking off dates where I should have been at an event, seeing all my favourite gin faces and excitedly investigating offerings. It’s important we remain close, via other platforms, and we keep talking passionately about what we love. Our connection will endeavor through other means until we can meet in person again.


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