I’ll be honest, I’m a bit of a patron of Shed 1. We first made contact years ago. So, they’re a business that I’ve seen grow from a tiny still in a shed into a distillery and events space, working in the community and creating wonderful things. There’s much pleasure to be taken when you watch these things grow like this. Even more so when you get to know the people over that time. I am always pleased to see their achievements.

Zoe and Andy are lovely people. They’ve been involved with the Craft Distilling Expo for a few years now, both as guests and speakers, sharing their journey into distilling as a guide to others. Through this we were able to chat during the lockdown online events. And, I was lucky enough to meet Andy in person at the Expo a couple of years ago. They’re genuinely bright and friendly and take great pride in what they do. And so they should. Not only the distilling, but the events space. They not only offer weddings, but eloping too (something I have been waving around to my other half). And, the ethical way they go about their business is an inspiration.

Due to this, they have won several awards, not just for the gin, but the way the business is run. Of course, they take part in various events sharing advice and guidance in this area. Twice now in my recollection they’ve won big in the Gin Guide Awards Environmental and Sustainability category. And, naturally they participated in a roundtable we organised with the other winners to share ideas.

So, yes, I just have to share the news of their new gin, announced yesterday. Technically yesterday was the local launch, there will be a national launch next month. I am hoping to get along to this, and to see the distillery for the first time in the years I’ve known them!

Our very special, limited edition, Ulverston gin. Made with a combination of 9 botanicals foraged from around Ulverston (plus Juniper).

Working with local community groups, and part of every sale going into our Marmalade Fund to be donated to charity: #CumbriaActionforSustainability (CAfS) and #furnesshomelesssupport

Each bottle comes with a pamphlet designed by two very talented ‘A’ level Art & Media students from @furness_college which includes a foraging map and descriptions of each botanical.

Today is the local launch and Ulverston gin will be available to purchase only from Shed 1 Gin, The Old Calf Shed, Ulverston.

On September 23rd we will launch nationally, and we will add it to our online shop for delivery around the UK.

For the whole story of how this very special gin was thought up and created and all those involved: https://shed1distillery.com/ulverston-gin/

I think their post alone shows the attention to detail that they have when it comes to making spirits. They also have a wonderfully collaborative nature and a strong sense of community. If you haven’t check out Shed 1 then do so as soon as you can. And…if you end up with some of their Chuckleberry Gin, you might want to try out my recipe for Chuckleberry Cupcakes.

Well done on the new launch Zoe, Andy and team!

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