It’s the first of December and it’s time to peruse some wares.

My good friend and gin extraordinaire Emma, aka Gin Monkey, has her infamous scratch off gin bottle poster ’99 Bottles Of Gin On The Wall’ up in her etsy shop, and it’s a doozy!

It is not only perfect to slake the lust of the most thirsty gin nerd, but it also looks great. Loads of staple brands to scratch, and inspiration for new gins to try. The great gin hunt. Can you collect them all?

If you fancy picking one up for a friend (or yourself, we won’t tell anyone), then you can for £14.99. Just head here. And, psst! If you order before Wednesday 8th December, and use the code BERNIELOVESGIN then you’ll get a lovely 20% off. Not too shabby!

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