With the end of March approaching, I’m getting very excited to get back out to San Francisco and the wonderful team at the American Distilling Institute for their International Spirits Competition (previously known as the ADI Judging of Craft Spirits). Having judged gin for two years, and missing the previous due to Covid restrictions, this year I fancied getting behind the scenes of the competition so I am proud to say that I’m in charge of gin in the backroom, as well as stewarding for one of the panels. This means a longer trip, as I get the exciting job of organising the entries, and checking how the gins are arranged in their flights. This will ensure they are tasted in the best order to give each one a fair shake. For example, if one has a particularly strong flavour, it shouldn’t be tasted before something that is particularly delicate or you’ll lose some of the latter’s nuances. There’s a lot of thought that goes into it. It’s a big competition, it takes a few days to set up, as well as the event itself, and I am really looking forward to it. I love my work, I really do!

With this in mind, I thought I’d share some information I received on deadlines recently from the lovely Eric Zandona. If you’re thinking of entering, I can wholeheartedly recommend it. Having judged at the competition I’ve seen the time and care taken over each spirit and can vouch for how passionate and knowledgeable the judges are.

“The ADI is accepting all classes and categories of distilled spirits, RTDs, cocktail bitters, No/Low ABV spirits and mixers, as well as aperitif and fortified wines. Members of ADI and a variety of other affiliate associations receive a $100 discount per spirit from our standard registration fee, and all spirits entered by January 28, 2022 will save $50/entry from their early-bird discount. In addition, the last day to apply for a COLA waiver for international spirits not imported into the US is February 16th, and registration closes on February 25, 2022.”

“Entries receive written feedback from our judges, free entry into our packaging awards, and are provided physical awards and digital assets to all winners for free. Trophy winners are also given the opportunity to meet with our three US retail partners, Binny’s Beverage Depot, K&L Wine Merchants, and Total Wine and More to discuss possible placement in their stores.”

Full details about pricing, deadlines, and shipping information can be found online here https://distilling.com/event/2022-adi-international-spirits-competition/ 

Featured image courtesy of the American Distilling Institute.

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