A good friend of mine, Mr David T Smith, has recently launched a new book.

His book, Gin Tonica contains 40 different recipes for Spanish style gin and tonic cocktails. It was published by Ryland Peters & Small, 11th July 2017, £7.99. You can find it on websites such as Amazon.

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The gin industry is booming in Spain and the Spanish style serve has taken the UK by storm. The drink is served with a generous measure in large copa glasses and the garnish adds to the flavour as well as giving the drink it’s beautiful and creative appearance adding to the luxury and indulgence of the experience.


This trend in Gin Tonics, now considered to be a national drink of Spain, began in the north, in Basque country, where we an walk int a bar and be presented with a cart containing everything you need to make a Gin Tonica, premium gin, best quality tonic water, bitters, spices, herbs and flowers. The drinks are served in the copa style. The idea behind these large glasses is not just  generous portion. The shape is such that the drinker is able to enjoy all of the aromas. This is a long way from our old gin and tonics and the spectrum of flavours is amazing.

Attention to detail is important and a barman can take up to 15 minutes to deliver the perfect serve. The ice needs to be dense so it melts slowly. “This respect for the classic is what truly elevates the Spanish gin tonica above all others.” There are so many different gins and tonics out there. It’s a fantastic time to get involved and start experimenting at home. David’s book is a fantastic place to start and will give you a wealth of ideas to play with.

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